What do YOU struggle with?

I am a selective overachiever. For things that matter to me, I enjoy digging in, working hard, and getting amazing results. Whether it is mastering my volleyball serve or getting “worst to first” breakthrough business results, I like achieving.

I struggle mightily when something that matters deeply to me remains beyond my reach. For me, this is my journey with my weight. I have consciously worked on reducing my weight since sixth grade. It seemed the more I focused on it the worse it got. It was a vicious spiral, as was my self-talk. My physical body was such a vivid and ever-present reminder of my failure in this area of my life.

But my life is not a failure. Nor is my body. It is a work in progress…and I am making progress. I no longer come from a place of lack and limitation. I am no longer push…push…pushing everything. I remain goal oriented but what I do and achieve is not relevant to who I am. I am meeting my goals through different means with different effort and without the personal angst I experienced through most of my life. I am embracing this life-long challenge. Instead of being anxious, I am curious. What is it about my weight that I have yet to learn? That has yet to unfold? My weight is not here to detract from the other joys in my life. It is here to teach me something in a much softer way. This appeals to my adventurous self…as a mystery of my life that is unfolding in its own unique way.

My journey as an intuitive energy healer has opened me to new possibilities and joy regarding my weight and my life. I love working on myself and others to unravel the mysteries of how we got here and how to restore our unique divine frameworks.

What are you struggling with? I can help.

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